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Get this tempting gift for your loved ones and get return gift of a yummy and delicious smile from their side. Cake is made from the finest fresh quality ingredients to melt any sweet heart’s heart. This Product is suitable for all occasions and festivals like Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement Ceremony and many more. Product Includes:Heart Shape Pineapple Cake. This exclusive  Heart Shape Fresh Fruit Cake Treat is the best way to convey your message of tenderness for someone you care. So why wait, order today and get Heart Shape Fresh Fruit Cake Treat  at your loved ones door steps on that very special day!! Heart Shape Fresh Fruit Cake Treat can be delivered across major cities of India! Order Now

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Kindly note the points mentioned below.

  • The image displayed is indicative in nature. Actual product may vary in shape or design as per the availability.
  • The chosen delivery time is an estimate and depends on the availability of the product and the destination to which you want the product to be delivered.
  • Since cakes are perishable in nature, we attempt delivery of your order only once. The delivery cannot be redirected to any other address.
    This product is hand delivered and will not be delivered along with courier products.
  • Occasionally, substitution of flavors/designs is necessary due to temporary and/or regional unavailability issues.
  • The icing, design of the cake may vary from the image depending upon local availability.


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